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From University project to the World Cup Circuit

Aluminum was the seed that set a two-wheeled revolution in motion, when Devinci Bikes landed in Chicoutimi, Quebec, 35 years ago. From road to race to carbon and dual-suspension line-ups, today Devinci stands as a global frame-manufacturing leader, home to cutting-edge R&D facilities and a top engineering squad committed to the ultimate ride.


Its story starts in 1987, when Devinci began life as Da Vinci (as in Leonardo), a company envisioned by two local engineering students for their university project. Soon after, road biking entrepreneur, Felix Gauthier, entered the mix. By 1990 he had purchased half the company, swapped vowels, and Devinci proper was born.


From the outset it wasn’t always smooth roads for this fledgling Canadian-born brand. Perfecting the heat-treatment processes was a game of trial and error. Money was tight, distribution channels were slim, and when a costly new oven threatened to break the bank, Gauthier and his team combined ingenuity and talent to build one themselves. With a growing set of tools and skills in place, Devinci went to work cooking more bikes. By 1993, distribution had expanded, Gauthier had taken sole ownership of the business, and Devinci moved from its modest 800-square-foot home to one four times the size.


Brainpower was corralled; designers and skilled technicians were sourced; R&D was ratcheted up, reinforcing a commitment to quality and performance. From Canadian market exclusivity, Devinci branched worldwide, expanding its road repertoire to include an array of women-specific rides, hybrids, XC standouts, ergonomic cruisers, and a World Cup winning dual-suspension mountain bike lineup—featuring Dave Weagle’s patented Split Pivot technology. Devinci’s bikes even made their way through our daily urban commuting thanks to more than 90,000 public bikes in cities such as Montreal and Toronto, but also London, Barcelona, Monaco, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Honolulu and Aspen.


This detailed ethos equates to value and efficiency, as well as industry-leading quality control and R&D efforts poured into every bike launched at Devinci HQ.


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